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Hyco Lake

Hyco Lake, actually a reservoir, is in an area the Indians used to call “Hicotaminy”, which means “great turkey buzzard” and was constructed in the early 1960’s by Carolina Power and Light Company (now Duke Energy Progress) as a cooling reservoir for their steam powered electric energy generating plant.

We still see Turkey Buzzards every day, circling overhead and above the tree-line around the 3,750 acres of water, and 120 miles of shoreline!  North Hyco Creek, South Hyco Creek and Cobbs Creek are all tributaries that along with the Hyco river, keep the reservoir filled, creating a beautiful recreational waterway for residents and visitors alike.

Over 1,500 homes have been constructed around Hyco Lake with about 800 being occupied year round. The lake flows in and around the municipalities of Semora and Leasburg, and the city of Roxboro, NC is located about ten miles east of the lake.

The waters of Hyco Lake are regulated by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Since its formation, the lake and its recreation park have been under the jurisdiction of the Person-Caswell Lake Authority which is responsible for governing and developing the recreational potential of the lake and park. There are 60 camp sites located within the 65 acre recreation park. Each site is located on an access road and has a natural buffer on three sides. A picnic table, charcoal grill, water and electricity are also available at each site. Duke Energy owns the land surrounding the lake up to the 420-foot (130 m) above-sea-level mark. The lake contains about 25 billion US gallons of water.

Of some interest is the fact that when the river was first dammed in 1962 by then Carolina Power and Light Company, it was expected to take some time for the reservoir to fill to designated levels. However, Hurricane Hilda decided to unleash her power over the region, and she elevated Hyco Lake’s water level in record time. Her fury, and a grand design turned Hyco Lake into the area’s main destination for fishing, boating, water skiing, wake boarding, and recreation and the larger of Person County’s two lakes, the other being Mayo Lake.

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